While speed might be the most alluring part of performance, absolute control is what permits you to push limits further. The Dominion range of brakes was introduced to create a braking solution that not only creates faster and more confident riders but that represents a new standard for 360-degree quality product design. Build them onto your bike and see how not only your ride changes but how your riding improves with it.

Such a successful braking solution was born from perhaps one of the most comprehensive and in-depth testing regimes ever employed for mountain bike brakes. The wealth of knowledge from such profound research and data acquisition met with the collective engineering know-how from the Hayes group who, in addition to an extremely specialized MTB development team, boasts teams dedicated to the development of solutions for motorsports, industrial and defense sectors.

Hayes Disc Brakes

The best just got better. The limited-edition Hayes Dominion T4 packs the power, sensitivity, and reliability the Dominion family is known for into its lightest chassis yet. Featuring a Reynolds designed and in-house produced carbon-fiber lever, titanium hardware, composite reservoir cover, pads with aluminum backing plates, and precise weight-reducing machining.