Arq Bevel26 SS Wheels


BEVEL26 wheels follow ARQ’s product philosophy of simplicity and versatility. We start with strong, 35mm wide 32h rim and lace them up to simple CNC’d sealed bearing hubs that can be adapted to fit an array of 26″ DJ axle specs. We even designed the flange height so that each spoke (front/rear, right/left) is the same length to make assembly, repair, and maintenance easier

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BEVEL26 wheels are built for abuse. The rims are 35mm wide for 26″x2.0-2.35 tires. These are DJ / Pump Track specific and come with 10×135 bolt-on or 12×142 TA, 13-15t SS disk rear hub and a non-disk 20mm, 15×100, or Boost front spec options.

  • RIM MATERIAL: Extruded and heat treadted 6061 aluminum alloy, 32h
  • HUB MATERIAL: 6061 aluminum billet
  • SPOKES: 14g stainless steel, black
  • NIPPLES: 16mm, 14g brass, black
  • REAR HUB: CNC with IS 6-bolt disk mount and 30xP1.0 thread for 13,14, & 15t freewheel
  • REAR AXLE: 10×135 bolt-on or 12×135/142
  • FRONT HUB: CNC’d, non-disk 20mm with adapters for 15×100, boost, and 9mm
  • WHEEL & TIRE SPEC: 26″ (2.0″ TO 2.5″)
  • WEIGHT: Rear 1,226g / Front 1,053g

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 26 × 9 in